Students’ Village FAQ

Here we will try to answer all the questions regarding the Students’ Village.
Some basic info can be found in the official residence assistant of the Akademikerhilfe:
Just comment your questions below and the Questions + Answers will then be posted here one after another. The idea is to create a list of all questions people come up with over the course of their stay.

Question: Where can I find the Common Room?
The common room can be seen here on the map:

Mr.Kollmann’s office is located south of where “Aspis” is marked on the map.
The common room is marked on the top right, it is located to the east of the parking lot behind the dorm.

Question: Can I park in the parking lot behind the Students’ Village?
This parking lot is the private parking lot of the Students’ Village, you can ask Mr.Kollmann if you need a parking space or want to ask about pricing.

Question: What should I do if I encounter (black) mold in my room (walls, ceiling)?
Please contact Mr.Kollmann in that case. He can send the janitor over to address the issue by removing the mold. (this is free of charge)

Question: Something in my room broke / is broken, what will I have to pay for it?
The rent for rooms in the Students’ Village includes inventory. If something is broken or breaks, the Akademikerhilfe will replace or repair it, generally without any cost to you, if you have not intentionally destroyed it.
For example: if the radiator in the bathroom is not working correctly or a light bulb is defective, you can request a replacement. You do not have to buy your own lightbulbs.